Bamboo benefits

Bamboo benefits

Bamboo socks have multiple benefits on not just your foot health but also on the environment. Read on to learn more about the top 5 benefits, in our opinion, of wearing bamboo socks.
The thought of bamboo in your socks might be strange, images of wooden socks and heavy feet might spring to mind. However, bamboo socks are quite similar to all the ones in your current sock drawer, the main difference is that bamboo socks are extremely soft and comfortable and you’ll notice it straight away.
 Bamboo does pose a number of other benefits other than just feeling great. Read on to discover our favourite 5 benefits.


Bamboo is sustainable

Bamboo is organic material, it grows quickly, benefits the soil it grows in. Bamboo is also resistant to pests. From planting to fruition, it takes between three to four years, which may seem like a long time however this is quite a quick cycle of production. In term of planting and growth bamboo is great as it grows well in soil, has no need for irrigation, fertiliser or pesticides for the plant to truly flourish, meaning less water is used.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, meaning it does not suffer from issues such as deforestation, as many other plant species do. The plant can be grown, harvested and regrown much more quickly than trees while helping to preserve our delicate environment.


The end product is softer

Viscose fibres are softer than any cotton product and other synthetic materials available on the market. Due to the softness this produces less friction in your shoes and therefore reduces the risk of foot blisters and work to keep you comfortable. Bamboo clothing and textiles are also hypoallergenic so they aim to not cause skin irritation or skin reactions.


Bamboo viscose is clean

Multiple studies have been undertaken that have shown that fabrics made from viscose have more antibacterial properties than most cotton/polyester fabrics. Read more from the following article that show no germ growth on viscose material against multiple other materials.

American Society For Microbiology. 


Bamboo is non-allergenic

If you have never suffered with any skin irritation/ allergy you most likely won’t feel too strongly on the benefits to your skin that bamboo can give. However, if you have ever had to live with the pain of skin irritation bamboo will come as a sweet relief due to its non-allergenic properties.


Bamboo is temperature flexible

  The fibres of bamboo are thermo- regulating, they act to maintain a regular temperature, this means that the material will breathe in the summer to ensure your feet stay cool and hold a degree of heat in the winter to keep your feet warm.  This is fully a property of bamboo itself, not just the way the socks are made.


Ultimately we love bamboo socks, and we are working to hopefully produce more in the future due to how soft and beneficial they are. Don’t just take our word for it thought, give them a shot yourself. You can shop our collection of bamboo comfort roll tops on our website.

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